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Inculcating the joy of learning and enriching the students with academic knowledge, IDPS JAMMU has been constantly providing activity based learning opportunities to its learners. In a revamped version, the school incorporates 21st century skills for a complete new age learning process. With a redefinition, refinement, reimagining and reinventing their goals, the school has regained its iconic stature as a trendsetter in education. A blend of learning and fun is something which is offered by the institution, achieving excellence in all the fields empowered with time based techniques. The inter-disciplinary projects based blended learning with focus on a progressive pedagogy, nurtures the emotional health and social awareness and responsibility of the students.
The vision of IDPS JAMMU is not just to instruct, but to inspire and instil a quest for new pursuits not to merely learn but to acquire emotional maturity and spiritual insights.
My best wishes to IDPS JAMMU for creating a new generation of learners to expand their horizon, spread their wings towards change and empathy and empowerment. These trendsetters thus face life with finesse, elan and equanimity!
Regards and best wishes
Lt Gen Pardeep Singh Mehta

School ERP

IDPS Jammu Provides Online ERP System for the Parents so that they can get all the school details on their mobile and make the online fee payments.

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