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About IDPS-Jammu

IDPS-Jammu a new school

Designed to suit the standards of the widely renowned educational organisation - the IDPS Society, our campus houses comprehensive academic, co-curricular and sports facilities. Just three years into the field, IDPS Jammu has already established itself as one of the leading schools in the city, offering its students avant-garde amenities, excellent infrastructure and highly trained and dedicated teaching staff.

Why IDPS-Jammu?

Committed to our core value of nurturing excellence, International Delhi Public School, Jammu takes education in its completeness. We, at IDPS, are determined to offer a challenging environment to students, inspiring them to outdo themselves each year and thereby do right by their potentials. Learning at IDPS escapes the thresholds of classrooms to encompass the natural, the physical, the mental and the spiritual. We are a new-age co-educational school that aims at transforming the learning process into an intriguing exercise in the quest for knowledge - a safe-haven for students to explore their capacities and capabilities as they tread through the tender ages of childhood and adolescence. With an eye-pleasing campus, comfortable classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities and a studentcentric atmosphere, IDPS Jammu strives to offer the best possible tools for overall growth and development. The school organises many activities and events throughout the year to arouse the intrinsic dispositions of our students such as leadership and self-expression.

We aim to inculcate in them an indispensable aptitude for learning, to inspire joy at the prospect of education and to foster a culture of innovation and creativity. The vision is to mould students into morally upright citizens of tomorrow with scientific temperaments and creative bent of minds who will hold the power to better the world each day.

To translate this vision to reality, our intricately designed study schedules encompass co-scholastic activities interspersed with the mainstream education curriculum to complement classroom education, and to provide both, an outlet for bouts of innate creativity and art for students, and secondly, for them to witness the applicabilities of their learnings in a practical sense.

A curriculum that is activity oriencted and learner centric. We create ecperiences that leave long lasting implacts on the life of the child. The curricukam is constructed keeping in mind that each child is unique.

IDPS has a structured curriculum for sports and performing Artsthat includes in class and out of the class expeperiences (IDPS CLUBS). It is designed with the intention of developing age specific skills in the child and promote self confidence.

International Delhi Public School Jammu-A New School of Thought

We, at IDPS Jammu, believe that a school is a trijunction - a common place for the parent, the student and the teacher who, collectively, take upon themselves the mighty task of choosing a path for the future generations to follow. Thus, the utmost inclusion of parents in everything we do remains our intention.

International Delhi Public School Jammu-Key Features

A widely spread green campus and many distinctive features place IDPS at a prime position in the educational landscape.

The Campus House

  • An Ultra-Modern Indoor Shooting Range
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports Complex
  • Yoga & Art of Living sessions
  • Skating Rink
  • Organic Garden
  • Amphitheatre
  • Wonderla
  • Gym Arena
  • Robotics Labs
  • Maths & EVS Labs
  • Science Labs
  • High Security CCTV Surveillance System
  • School ERP

Life at International Delhi Public School-Jammu

The school should not be a dull place where students are reluctant or even afraid to go to but a lively abode of knowledge and learning that students look forward to.

  • 1) A student Cabinet to represent the four houses - Spartans, Samurai, Knights and Trojans - is selected each year to help students simultaneously develop a sense of community and competitiveness.
  • 2) We also recognise that students learn best in a space where academic disciplines are integrated, fostering an appreciation of how they interact and form a whole.
  • 3) Thus, co-scholastic events are continually arranged to facilitate students to learn necessary life skills such as communication skills, confidence, time management, and discipline.

School ERP

IDPS Jammu Provides Online ERP System for the Parents so that they can get all the school details on their mobile and make the online fee payments.

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