IDPS Clubs

Grades and academic excellence are quite important in life, However when it comes to the actual work on the ground, there are more skills you can aim to have which are beyond classroom. It is Important to appreciate the contribution of the set of skills a learner can obtain from being part of a club at school. Clubs can offer important life skills that a learner can use for the rest of his or her life. Participating in club activities helps improve communication skills which can be important for career, along with other skills such as leadership and teamwork. The club activities will be executed during school hours, so no extra burden or homework is involved, in fact clubs work as tools for all round development Participation in IDPS clubs also gives students a chance to explore and realise their inner talents. Students who participate in such co-curricular activities are more likely to succeed at school. The Club activities will take place in the zero Period.

The Students are allowed to choose two clubs for the session of their own choice and explore the hidden talents amongst them. The details of the club activities and consent from will be given to the students in the first week of april.


Badminton Tennis

Cricket Football Kabbadi/

kho kho Skating


Organic farming Garbage

management Weather Forecast

& Climate Change Food, Flora & Fauna


Pi-Shape Puzzle Mayan Numbers

Million Dollar Problem Catapults/Density Jar

Viscosity Races Tower With Sugar Cubes.


Declamation Dramatics Spellathon Creative

Writing Calligraphy

Symposium Rhetoric

Skills Elocution open forum.


Knitting/Stitching Art & Craft

Pottery/Tie & Die Fireless Cooking

Culinary Etiquettes


Classical Dance Folk Dances

Western Dances Vocal Music

Instrumental music.



IDPS Is the school which has a structured curriculum for Sports & Performing Arts that includes in-class and out-of-class  experiences. The SPA curriculum is integrated with all other cross -curricular activities. The aim of the program is to expose children to various sports and performing arts there by identifying their individual aptitude and Interest. It is also designed with the intention of developing age specific skills in the child and brings about awareness of various activities thus pomoting self-confidence. Trained coaches for various sporting activities instruct and guide the children in all activities. The SPA will be followed under class curriculum